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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  February 1, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. you would walk by the dean's office and there would be kids lined up waiting to go home. >> hundreds of sick kids an entire school closed for day. an outbreak spreading beyond campus. all eyes on facebook how its historic ipo could pay off big for silicon valley. >> and we have some wet roads to start off the morning commute and new accidents just coming into the newsroom. we'll tell you about it in minutes. >> cold front sliding through the bay area bringing light showers right now. is there more rain to come? we'll talk about that coming up. >> good morning. it's wednesday, february 1. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. it is 6 a.m. on this wednesday. and we begin with a bay area school shut down by a severe outbreak of a stomach virus.
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>> yeah. today crews will be devoted to cleaning up saint ignatius prep. anne makovec reports with the message from the principal. >> reporter: everybody needs to wash their hands. anybody who knows a student here at the high school, it is just spreading like wildfire. 200 students have gotten sick so far, 10% of the population. so they are going to be deep cleaning the school here behind me sanitizing everything before students return to class tomorrow. here's a look at the posting now on the school's website exploring why -- explaining, rather, why all classes and on- campus events are cancelled today. yesterday, 50 students called in sick. 90 had to be sent home. that was just yesterday because of this gastroenteritis. the symptoms include upset stomach, fever, diarrhea and vomiting. the department of health says it's a 24-hour virus. they are not sure where it came from. but they have ruled out cafeteria food. it's spreading now though from
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students to their families. >> sometimes two people get sick or certainly one obviously. so when three people get sick -- >> he was going to walk in like this. >> imagine them like giving us masks and stuff to go into the game. >> reporter: you just heard her mention game. there was a girls basketball game here last night and one of the players actually got sick on the floor. so what a nightmare. best advice again, though, wash your hands, use your hand sanitizer. and stay away from anybody who has been here or gotten sick recently. >> especially the families with multiple members sick. >> reporter: yes. how awful. especially when you only have one bathroom in the house? not good. [ laughter ] >> that's a reality here in san francisco. live in san francisco, anne makovec, thank you. new this morning, admissions of guilt in a plot to bomb the london stock exchange. nine british men were arrested on various terror charges more than a year ago. they had all pleaded not guilty but today four of them changed their pleas and admitted being
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involved in the plot that was inspired by al qaeda. the other five pleaded to lesser charges. how about some politics? the republican presidential race is heating up again. mitt romney taking florida in a landslide primary victory yesterday. he got 46% of the vote including strong support among women. that's according to exit polls. newt gingrich had 32%. rick santorum, ron paul, both under 15%. florida is a winner-take-all primary so romney gets all the delegates, 50 delegates, in the nation's fourth largest state. his victory speech was forward- looking, focusing in on president obama and criticizing the president. >> mr. president, you were elected to lead. you chose to follow. and now it's time for you to get out of the way. >> we are going to contest every place and we are going to win and we will be in tampa as the nominee in august. [ applause and cheers ] >> santorum and paul are now focusing in on the caucus states where they tend to perform better, places like
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colorado and nevada. the next caucus is nevada. that's coming up on saturday. we have heard a lot about this. smartmeters. well, they could soon be history for pg&e customers. state regulators today are expected to vote on an opt out plan. customers who choose analog meters would have to pay a $75 one-time fee and then $10 a month. low income customers would pay much less. now, some customers have expressed concerns about the high-tech meters regarding their accuracy, the potential for hacking, as well as electromagnetic radiation. 6:04. facebook is set to take its first step to become a public company today in silicon valley. they are expected to cash in a whole lot of millionaires-to- be. gil diaz is in menlo park with what may be the biggest tech ipo ever. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. facebook is expected to submit
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its securities filing. it's the biggest ipo ever. it's worth probably $100 billion. now, also a little thing called the facebook effect which could be worth another $1 billion. for example, realtors think that facebook will spark a real estate boom in the bay area. also, wall street firms are opening new offices around here hoping to woo facebook's stakeholders and cash in on a hefty paycheck. now, a cnet editor explains why facebook is so hotly anticipated. >> part of it is everybody understands facebook. this is not a company that's hard to explain or obscure. so when firms like this like google go public, you have everyone from the everyday mainstream investor to the big institutions interested. >> and with today's filing, potential investors will be analyzing facebook finances, potential growth and potential risk. now, mark zuckerberg who founded facebook after it goes
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public, he could be worth more than $20 billion. back to you. >> what's a couple of billion between friends, right? [ laughter ] >> reporter: exactly. >> all right, gil. >> if only they would share. >> live in menlo park, thanks, gil. lanes blocked on highway 12. let's check in with elizabeth. >> there was a person reportedly trapped inside a vehicle but sounds like the situation has been somewhat resolved. they called out a tow crew so looks like they are in the clearing stages now. but, of course, this was an injury accident. we're not sure how bad the injuries are. they issued a traffic alert. westbound 12 the accident just east of red top road. so we're continuing to watch that one until it's completely cleared. in the meantime, this is a live look for the silicon valley commute. 880/237 so far looking good. give it another half hour or so and that's usually when we start to see some brake lights and slowing around the bend heading off 880. now, be extra careful etch in the on- and off-ramps. we have seen numerous little fender-benders a lot of accidents on the right shoulder out there right now because as
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you can see, the roads are a little slick this morning. it's a little misty. you may need your windshield wipers so this is a live look at the golden gate bridge where so far, everything is moving up to speed. let's check in with lawrence. so this is the kind of rain we get this winter, right? >> this is all we have been seeing. these dying cold fronts. high pressure sitting south of these systems fall apart as they move by so we're left with drizzle and light sprinkles and that's exactly what we're seeing into san francisco. cloudy skies, cloudy everywhere you go. yeah, we're washing off the lens there as we watch this shot. there is low clouds and fog. the brunt of the system in the south bay showers into parts of this system now into cupertino, sunnyvale, scattered light showers will continue on and off this morning. then after that we start to dry things out. looks like the system moves by. high pressure builds on the back side of that. looks like the temperatures
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stay cool only 50s and 60s today. >> 6:07. oakland signs off on drastic cuts. two popular city attractions that survived the budget axe. >> a california teacher accused of crimes against dozens of students. the arrest that has even veteran police officers shocked. a heroic rescue on the slopes. how skiers jumped in to help a little boy who was dangling from the chair lift. we have details coming up. either i can't get to sleep, or i can't stay asleep.
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[ male announcer ] unisom helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep. so i wake up rested. [ male announcer ] unisom. fall asleep faster. sleep longer. apparently some progress in talks about iran's nuclear program. a senior u new this morning there's apparent some progress in talks about iran's nuclear program. a senior united nations nuclear official says a new trip to iran is planned in the veneer future. now, he made these comments after returning from meetings in tehran. meanwhile the head of the u.n. is telling israel, the international standoff over iran's suspect nuclear program must be resolved peacefully. judges have ordered 11 "occupy" protestors to stay away from frank ogawa plaza in oakland. they were among the 400 people arrested during the violent police confrontations over the
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weekend. new court orders also direct four of the protestors to stay away from the oakland convention center. the alameda county d.a.'s office is reviewing police reports with the possibility of filing some more charges now. protestors are expected to address police violence today at frank ogawa plaza. more than 100 jobs will be lost under oakland's new budget plan. the city council passed it last night. they slashed millions of dollars in spending. the mayor, jean quan, says some of those positions will be tough to lose. >> really worried is the last position they were debating the economic development position, people who go out and help blighted neighborhoods turn around. >> city leaders were able to protect funding though for the oakland zoo and children's fairyland. oakland revised its budget after learning it was going to lose $28 million in redevelopment funds. mitt romney slides to victory. >> he does. we have a live report from florida. the long standing tradition that was broken though by his rival.
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>> pretty low key guy, you know, just go with the flow and do what i love to do and if people recognize it, great. >> he's not just a dedicated cop. what is sending a bay area champion back to the olympics. a little snow ahead of the sierra nevada maybe one to two inches for today. here's the snow report: >> we'll have more on your weather when we come back. ,,,,
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school teacher will be arraigned today. he's accused of sexually molesting nearly two dozen children. a former los angeles elementary school teacher will be arraigned today for allegedly molesting dozens of children. 61-year-old mark berndt allegedly blindfolded, gagged kids and placed cockroaches on their faces. it allegedly happened at miramonte elementary school in south los angeles during school hours. the political pendulum has swung sharply back and is back towards mitt romney. >> sure has. he won by a wide margin over newt gingrich last night in
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florida's republican presidential primary. susan mcginnis joins us now from tampa to chat about it a little bit. how about gingrich? is he in tough shape now? i know he vows to march on even though he lost 50 delegates last night. >> reporter: florida is a winner-take-all state and he vows to stay in the race undeterred by yesterday's results although a lot of others are talking about his big win in south carolina as the aberration. it's going to be a state-by- state delegate fight from now on. except for the few states where there is a winner-take-all. so it does look like you know, gingrich does have every intention of staying in this race through the convention although he does stand to lose probably the next handful of races in the next five or so going to go to most likely to romney because nevada is in his favor with a large mormon population. arizona is a border state and with romney's tough immigrant stance you know he could win that one. and then michigan of course his
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father was governor there and romney was born there so after that, it looks like gingrich needs to hold on until super tuesday when there are several southern states in his favor so he is really hoping to hang on until then because again there's not even any more debates until february 20 so gingrich doesn't have a lot of chance to get his message out. that's where he has been winning support. >> speaking of gingrich, it sounds like he broke a long- time standing tradition last night. >> reporter: he didn't call or thank, apparently, mitt romney for his win which is a courtesy, tradition, it's what you do. you know, i remember romney even called santorum after the recount in iowa so it seemed to be a professional discourtesy and shows the mean-spiritedness of this campaign or at least among these two front-runners. he just gave his speech at the end, he did not mention romney. he did not mention the win. he did not mention his loss. all he did was talk about the future and talk about winning and becoming the nominee and
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being back here in tampa for the convention in august. >> thank you, susan mcginnis live in florida. let's check in with liz breath closer to home with traffic. >> thanks. elizabeth? >> thanks. even a windshield wiper if necessary out the door. it's causing a couple of accidents on the freeway. a few more than usual this time of the morning. nothing out there really blocking lanes except one i'll tell you about in a minute. traveling the nimitz a couple reported near hayward southbound 880 one near winton another near a street so be extra careful this morning. slow down. obey the rules of the road. follow the speed limit. you know the drill out the door this morning. so we still have this traffic alert in fairfield. westbound highway 12 is actually just east of red top road. they called out tow crews so it sounds like they are working to clear it now. but it has been closed. there's been lanes blocked on those westbound lanes of 12 for at least the last half hour or
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so maybe closer towards 45 minutes. we're watching a water main break in oakland. mccar you this boulevard and adams -- mccarthy boulevard and adams streets, crews are working to clear a water main break there in oakland's lakeshore district. silicon valley commute, westbound if. so far looks good. 6:45 we usually see brake lights and delays but still top speeds to san jose. that's traffic. here's lawrence. >> we have a cold front making its way through the bay area not much energy with this one, still some light sprinkles and showers showing up. hi-def doppler showing you some of the scattered showers around the bay area right now. but most of that light and headed toward the south bay as a weak line is pushing on through. this is about as good as it's going to get from this system as it falls apart. light showers and drizzle showing up outside today if you are headed out the door. roads will be slick this morning. but by the afternoon, we should see some clearing. and looks like a return to dry days ahead as high pressure
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begins to build back in. the temperatures going to be fairly mild. this low passing through will slide on by and then high pressure builds in behind it setting the stage for offshore winds kicking in. that means we have some warmer temperatures coming our direction but this cold front moving through this morning and then breaking up as it slides by. then looks like we are going to see warmer weather coming our way. temperatures running into the 50s and 60s. looks like the next couple of days warmer temperatures well into the 60s by the afternoon tomorrow then looks like that will continue into this next weekend staying dry through saturday and sunday, maybe just maybe some showers as we head toward the middle of next week. >> that going to be a big deal next week? >> doesn't look like a big deal. i'm not certain it's going to happenful we're putting it in there right now. >> i'm the big deal, that's right. >> bored this winter? >> yes. we have to get something going soon. >> do that rain dance, would you? 6:21. a breast cancer charity makes a controversial decision, the impact it may have on women's
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health. >> a little boy dangles from a ski chair lift. the terrifying drop and how good samaritans rush to his rescue coming up.
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severing ties with planned parenthood. "the susan g- komen for the cure" will stop donating hundreds of thousands of dollars for breast cancer ex >> the country's largest breast cancer charity is severing ties with planned parenthood. thethe komen for the cure will prohibit the charity from
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giving money to groups who are under federal investigation. there is a congressional inquiry into whether planned parenthood spent public money on abortion. and cooked tomatoes may fight prostate cancer according to a new study by the university of portsmouth. they discovered a chemical in the red fruit that stopped cancer from attaching to a blood supply that slows down the cancer's ability to cause damage. a group of rescue volunteers told a young boy to jump as he dangled from a ski lift in wisconsin. 25 feet off the ground. people gathered to break his fall and then decided the best way to get him down was for him to let go and there he goes. there he is caught. apparently the boy was doing fine. might have been a good idea to take off that ski, though for the people down below. >> other things to worry about. >> he is doing just fine. there is a palo alto police officer who has plans for his vacation time this year.
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>> yeah. he will hitting shuttlecocks. officer ben lee who lives in san jose is the only coach of the u.s. olympic badminton team on its way to london. 20 years ago, lee was captain of the very first u.s. olympic badminton team and since then he has been a volunteer coach. most recently at last year's pan am games. he is 46 years old from the silicon valley and thinks being a cop has helped out in coaching. >> i think it's the discipline, you know, just the mindset of waking up early, you know, training, just really when you set your mind to something, just be disciplined and stay with that. >> you think mcenroe can hit a ball hard? >> kiet do is getting beaten up bad. >> 180 miles per hour with the shuttlecock. kiet completely overdressed. but a good sport. >> very good sport. >> take the birdie. coming up, strapped for cash. >> the major sacrifice some bay
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area cops are making to help the community. also ahead... >> sir, get out of the car, come on, get out of the car! open the door! >> a daring rescue caught on tape. the brave actions that saved a man from a burning car. and any entire school calls in sick. what's going around -- and an entire school calls in sick. what's going around coming up next.
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald.
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good morning, everyone. there we go. it's wednesday, february 1. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. it is 6:30. it's clean-up crews today instead of students at a san francisco school. they are sanitizing the school. a severe flu outbreak is forcing the entire campus to shut down in san francisco. anne makovec at saint ignatius prep where hundreds of students got sick. >> reporter: students come to the high school from all over the bay area. so there is a chance that this bad virus is spreading. it is that nasty stomach flu virus that has you running to the bathroom. so this is a very unpleasant thing. 200 students here have already gotten sec and that's why the school is closed today and they are deep cleaning and sanitizing every surface in the building. here's a look at the posting right now on the school's website explaining why all classes and on campus events are cancelled today. just yesterday, 50 students called in sick, 90 had to be
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sent home because of this gastroenteritis. the symptoms include upset stomach, fever, diarrhea and vomiting. >> you would walk by the dean's office and there would be just kids lined up just waiting to go home. >> it's just really nausea and vomiting. those have been the two main symptoms. >> reporter: the department of public health says it's just a 24-hour virus. they're not sure where it came from. but they say that they have ruled out cafeteria food. and on its website the school is advising anybody to stay home for an additional 72 hours after the vomiting stops. so this is going to have a lot of people benched for some time. speaking of, there was a basketball game here last night and one of the players actually vomited on the floor. how awful that. >> disgusting. you also got very good at saying gastroenteritis. >> reporter: what? >> you also got very good at saying gastroenteritis. >> reporter: i have been thinking about it so much that
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i'm like psycho so psychosomatically feeling sick myself! >> wash your hands. [ laughter ] it's 6:32. the death of a north bay teen at a sleepover was not alcohol poisoning. the sonoma county coroner says the girl overdosed on ghb, the date rape drug. the 1-year-old was found dead after a sleepover at her home in july. three other girls got sick. the other girls say they didn't know they were drinking ghb. suspects admitted think tried to blow up the london stock exchange. today four brits pled guilty to being involved in the plot inspired by al qaeda. five others pled guilty tokers will charges. the nine were arrested in december of 2010. prosecutors say that they plan to blow up several prominent buildings. another huge shift in momentum in the wild presidential race of 2012. it was a big night for mitt
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romney in florida's republican primary. he got 46% of the votes. newt gingrich was a distant second at 32%. rick santorum and ron paul were both under 15%. florida is a winner-take-all primary so romney gets all 50 delegates in the nation's for the largest state. his victory speech seemed to look beyond the primaries focusing on criticizing president obama. and he spoke today with "cbs this morning's" charlie rose who asked him about the key to last night's win. >> well, i think the debates had the biggest impact. if you look at the response of people here in florida, over the last 10 days, the debates really changed the discourse here. people very, very very concerned about the economy as your report indicated. i spent my life outside the political world, never really lived in washington. i understand how the economy works. i think people want someone to go to washington, to fix washington, to pull it back in and get it out of our lives and to get the economy going. >> that's just a portion. you can see the whole interview
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on "cbs this morning" at 7 a.m. in the meantime, sources are telling the "associated press" that romney is now getting secret service protection. and that's at his request. the other candidates are looking ahead to the next contest. the nevada caucuses are happening saturday. >> we are going to contest every place and we are going to win and we will be in tampa as the nominee in august. >> what we saw in the last few weeks in the state of florida is not something that's going to help us win this election. >> i honestly congratulate him. he ran a good campaign but i also said i would see him soon in the caucus states! >> paul tends to do better in states that hold caucuses. and you can find more campaign coverage on under news. our political analyst joe tuman is going to join us onset in 10 minutes to talk about the results. here's elizabeth with a little "timesaver traffic" camera. >> all right. thanks, guys. and let's take you outside. all right. easy for me to say. here's a live look at the fremont street exit coming off
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the bay bridge. it's misty to start off with your morning commute. >> they turned on the bay bridge. >> there is sticking up behind the pay gates at the end of the parking lot. they turned the metering lights on around 6:15 this morning. so they have been on for a little while now. so we are starting to see some delays grow there. san mateo bridge, 14 minutes is your drive time in either direction of westbound or eastbound 92 between hayward and the peninsula. hey we have better news now with this traffic alert we were following for the last 45 minutes or so up in solano county westbound 12. there was an accident there an injury accident east of red top road. well, they were able to clear it and all lanes are once again reopened. coming up, we'll get a check of mass transit. let's talk more about the misty weather conditions. here's lawrence with more. >> how about that. we haven't seen much of that this season. a weak cold front sliding through the bay area, light showers and fog. be careful heading out.
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temperatures not all that bad right now. a lot of 40s you can see a couple of breaks in the clouds behind this and it looks like we are going to see more of that toward the afternoon. still, hi-def doppler trying to look for some raindrops but it is so low level today, that there's just not much showing up on the radar so it's damp outside heading around the bay area. we have seen some moderate amounts trying to make their way into the south bay but even that now beginning to dry out a bit. so by the afternoon, we'll see some partly cloudy skies. temperatures are going to stay a little cool. 50s at the coast. probably some low 60s into the valleys. we have some warmer days ahead. we'll talk more about that coming up in just a few minutes. >> i hope we have more days ahead. >> warmer ones. >> oh, okay. >> yes. >> not just more. >> we need more before they get warm. >> exactly. all good. okay, thanks, lawrence. 6:36. pg&e customers leery of the new smartmeters may soon have an option of using the old-time analog meters. state regulators today are expected to vote on an "opt out" plan. customers who choose the analog meters instead would have to pay a $75 one-time fee and then $10 a month after that.
6:37 am
low income customers would pay less. some customers have expressed concerns about the high-tech meters regarding their accuracy, the potential for hacking, and the electromagnetic radiation they emit. investors may soon be able to own a slice of the world's largest social network. facebook is expected to file documents today with regulators for a $5 billion ipo. industry experts say that facebook engineers and programmers may become silicon valley's newest population of millionaires with that public offering. real estate agents are salivating in anticipation. they are hoping for a real estate boom right next to those menlo park headquarters. we are going to have much more on the facebook ipo when kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks joins us in a few minutes. >> six bedroom place sound good? >> sounds good to me. san jose wants to follow the tech boom trend in silicon valley. san jose leaders voted on a new proposal to help create more jobs in the area. the city council agreed to
6:38 am
lower construction taxes and traffic impact fees. the proposal also calls for hiring more staff workers to help process planning and building permits. pleasanton has reached a tentative agreement with its police officers union to control rising pension costs. the two-year agreement comes after six months of negotiations. it calls for the officers to contribute a lot more to their retirement plans. the deal still needs approval from the city council and it was discussed at a council meeting just last night. >> each of our 73 officers will be contributing $1,000 more each month in pension payments. this is significant and will save the city $2.4 million. >> that is a lot of money. this comes eight months after the city reached a deal with its largest employee union there whose workers also have to contribute more to their pension programs. oakland city council has passed the mayor's new budget proposal which calls for drastic cuts. councilmembers approving the plan 6-1 last night. one vote abstaining there.
6:39 am
the budget slashes millions of dollars in spending and eliminates more than 100 jobs for the city. leaders there were able to protect, though, funding for the oakland zoo and the very popular children's fairyland. frank ogawa plaza is now off limits for 11 "occupy" protestors who were arrested last weekend. they were among the 400 people arrested saturday during violent demonstrations. the alameda county d.a.'s office is reviewing police reports with the possibility of filing even more charges. protestors will address police violence issues at noon today at frank ogawa plaza in the meantime. and protestors are occupying lake merritt. they have a new houseboat as you can see. this is the new so-called "acquapy" ship that floats on 65-gallon drums from a candy factory. 7 so-called "acquapyers" are living on board. the last one survived a week on the lake before 20 officers forced it off the water.
6:40 am
we'll see how long it lasts. >> no water skiing. >> no. just kind of hanging out on the lake there. >> maybe some candle did i from the barrels that they're using, some candy. >> they made some new words, aqua paytion. >> 1 million birth control packs recalled. >> a mix-up causing concerns. >> a security scandal a a popular airport. the popular item stolen in luggage. >> the market opened 10 minutes ago. we are way up. the dow up 108 points. nasdaq up 17. s&p up 10. we are going to find out what's happening coming up. a daring rescue caught on a
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get out of the car. sir, get out of the car, come on! open your door! >> this is a daring rescue caught on a dashboard cam of a police officer. the officer in new jersey screams for a man to get out of his burning car. 57-year-old driver could not get out by himself. so two brave officers sprint towards that bmw. they finally got man out and he is doing pretty well this morning. unbelievable. still under investigation.
6:44 am
but two very brave cops doing their work. this just in. the "l.a. times" is reporting that don cornelius, who famously created soul train, was found dead in his home this morning. these are live pictures out of sherman oaks at his house there. law enforcement sources are telling us that it appears he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. his body was found just about two hours ago. we're also told cornelius was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. now, in the meantime officials are investigating his death. but you might remember that cornelius who created soul train really changed the landscape of television. it debuted in 1971 and ran until 2006. he was 75 years old. so again found dead two hours ago. >> he just went through a very, very bitter divorce and finished up in 2010 and he had been sick. he had a lot of health of problems, as well. but sad story there. how about some traffic to perk us up a bit? elizabeth, what's going on? >> let's go out live towards
6:45 am
the dublin interchange. we have this camera and you can see from our camera kind of this misty little bit slick out there this morning and actually looks a little clearer than it was earlier. we can make out the taillights better heading in the eastbound direction. westbound 580, let's go to our maps so we can get a drive time across the stretch. i think it's about 25 minutes from the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. so yeah, we are starting to see some changing color on our sensors. we have a few brake lights now past the wind turbines all the way through livermore an once again traffic starting to build through the dublin-pleasanton area. just getting word of a new accident. southbound 880 right around the highway 92 interchange. so a busy commute spot for people heading towards the san mateo bridge. so right now they just have one lane blocked off. we'll let you know if it causes further delays. if you are heading towards the san mateo bridge itself, this is the commute direction westbound 92. and you can see that so far, everything is pretty much moving up to speed. your drive time not too bad, 14 minutes between hayward and foster city.
6:46 am
coming off the high-rise heading east that looks good, as well. bay bridge they turned the metering lights on just around 6:15 or so, so we are starting to see delays at the bay bridge right behind the pay gates. antioch pretty good. usually it's under 25 miles an hour, so overall not too bad westbound 4 so far. lawrence has a check. forecast. >> weak cold front sliding through town now bringing lots of clouds across our skies. fog below, light showers or sprinkles outside too so the roads looking very slick this morning if you are heading out the door. unfortunately, this cold front falling apart as it's making its way through the bay area. very much so is what it's been doing all winter long now. it looks like a return to some dry weather as early as tomorrow. out the door though this morning, cloudy skies, some drizzle, temperatures running in the 40s and 50s. by the afternoon, we'll see some partial clearing and that means temperatures going to warm up in the 50s a couple of
6:47 am
low 60s in the warmest spots inland. high pressure looks like it is going to start to build in over the next couple of days as the ridge builds in right behind the system we'll see an offshore wind kicking in to help to warm up the temperatures around the bay area. east bay temperatures up into the 50s and 60s with some partial clearing toward the afternoon. inside the bay you will find about 58 degrees in san francisco. 61 in santa rosa. and about 62 degrees now in alameda. next couple of days a return to mild weather around the bay area, high pressure building in, temperatures soaring up into the 60s staying dry through the weekend. chance of showers middle of next week. back to you. >> thank you. a major drug company is recalling millions of packets of birth control pills. pfizer is recalling 14 lots of lo/ovral-28 tablets as well generics. the company says a packaging error could leave women with an inadequate dose of drugs. they say it's not a health danger but the error raises a
6:48 am
risk of pregnancy. your chance to buy stock in facebook is coming soon. >> i bet it's pretty pricy, too. the social website could file papers today and go public. here it talk about that and much more, jason brooks with kcbs and they are standing in line already. >> reporter: good morning. all signs pointing to facebook filing its ipo paperwork today. now, reuters is reporting that it may be a more conservative offering than what most expect. it could value the company at $50 billion. a lot of reports have doubled the numbers. even at $50 billion, it would pale in comparison to the google filing at $23 billion. adp reports there was a gain of 170,000 private payroll jobs last month ahead of the january
6:49 am
jobs report on friday. small businesses adding 95,000 jobs. decent manufacturing news out of china and europe this morning helping the stock market off a very solid january. the blue chips gained 3.5% and s&p up by 4.4%. that was the best january for them since 197. so far, so good this morning. dow is up by 96 points. is is up 9. good start -- s&p up 9. 6:49 now. an airport security agent is in hot water accused of stealing ipads from passengers' luggage. his name is clayton and he works for the tsa at the dallas/fort worth international airport where he was recently arrested. his job is in a remote area where he checks luggage. and it's screened by hand. authorities believe he lifted 8
6:50 am
ipads out of somebody's luggage -- rather several pieces of luggage. one theft victim led police to the man when he tracked his stolen ipad to the man's home. back to the victory for mitt romney last night in florida's republican presidential primary. >> we have joining us this morning some insight from our cbs 5 political analyst joe tuman. what's the change in momentum? gingrich are so much coming out of south carolina. >> well, newt gingrich did well in south carolina because it was a place that was ripe for a message like his. christian evangelical base was reaccept detective to receptive to his candidacy as opposed to a mormon. money played having an organization in that state was important. mitt romney let's not forget his strong performance in the debates, as well. and the fact that he outspent
6:51 am
and outran in terms of the number of negative television ads like 100:1 over -- i am exaggerating but not by much the number of ads that newt gingrich had time to run. it was romney over gingrich. organization and money count. in a big state like florida it mattered. he wasn't facing in florida the evangelical base. >> there are a number of caucuses and primaries in the next week you mentioned minnesota, nevada, colorado, maine, missouri. who has the upper hand on some of those? >> interestingly enough, ron paul will have play in many of these states with caucuses because he has a grassroots organization that works well in a caucus situation where it's face-to-face confrontation and persuasion that sort of thing. and i expect him to stay in the race and get some of those. >> he could win a primary or caucus? >> i don't know that he'll win. he might actually win. he has a chance in some of those states to do okay. but he will certainly be in the mix more than he was before.
6:52 am
that will help him raise money and he will stick around for the end. he is a candidate to make a statement. he will give a speech at the convention. he won't win. rick santorum will have a harder time. he has to start winning if he is going it raise money. nevada is one of those states that i think is interesting for our people out here in the bay area to watch because of course, it's close to us. it's the first state in the west to have a primary. it's also a state that has a housing problem a very serious housing problem so housing issues which are not comfortable for candidates to talk about what's the federal government's role in this to encourage banks to get stuff off the market is an interesting question. it's also a state with a large hispanic and latino population so the usual issues that republicans talk about in terms of immigration, you have to be careful about in a state like nevada. this is actually a great place for mitt romney if he is going to be the moderate candidate that can attract democrats and hispanics to fine-tune his message to see how it plays in a state that's after all of just a caucus state and face-to- face interaction. romney won nevada with 51% of
6:53 am
the vote in 2008. we'll see how he does in 2012. >> he campaigned there, too. we'll see where it goes. thank you, joe tuman. >> just getting started. well, tonight marks the 30 years now since this guy david letterman first hosted his own late night talk show. letterman began as nbc innovative late night on february 1, 1982. >> he jumped to cbs in 1993. and he has hosted "the late show" ever since. letterman's contract expires this summer but a new deal is said to be in the works to keep him on board through 2014. you have to keep him. >> he has howard stern tonight and a couple of surprises so tune in tonight to check it out. it is 6:53. no school today for hundreds of bay area students. >> that's right. we'll tell you about a severe outbreak that's forcing them to stay home and why that bug may have spread beyond campus. wash your hands. ,,,,
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
a bay area school shut down today.. because of a severe outbreak. akovec is at saint welcome back. 6:56. there is a bay area school that's shut down today because of a severe outbreak. anne makovec is at saint ignatius prep school in san francisco and is not touching anything. >> reporter: i am not touching
6:57 am
anything. you're absolutely right. hand sanitizer is a must around these parts. that's because 200 students here at this high school have gotten sick so far. that's 10% of the population so they are shutting down the school and deep cleaning everything to stop the spread of this virus. here's the posting on the school's website explaining the gastroenteritis. the symptoms include upset stomach, fever, diarrhea and vomiting. the department of public health says that it's a 24-hour virus. they are not sure where it came from. but they have ruled out cafeteria food. the other concern is that this is spreading from students to their families. some families have reported three, four members of the family getting sick. it spreads like wildfire. again, wash your hands. back to you guys. >> thank you. if you are just joining us, we want to tell you about a developing story out of hollywood. don cornelius who created "soul train" was found dead in his home this morning. we have some live pictures out of sherman oaks where he lived.
6:58 am
law enforcement sources say his body was found two hours ago and it appears to be a self- inflicted gunshot wound, no sign of foul play. he was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. "soul train" debuted in 1971 and ran until 2006. it became the longest-running first-run nationally syndicated show in history. don cornelius was 75, said to have a number of health problems and went through a bitter divorce recently. dead today at 75. >> elizabeth was a big fan. you watched soul train. >> i watched it growing up. outside on the roads, 880 it's a little bit slick this morning if you are just heading out the door and you're going off to work or school wherever you're going off to. so there are a couple of accidents on the road. be careful especially on the on- and off-ramps this morning. southbound 880 at stevenson
6:59 am
boulevard. there is an accident there, kind of slow. brake lights as far back as highway 84. another one on the nimitz southbound 880 before 92. so a couple of different accidents we're following in both cases lanes are blocked and we are starting to see delays. your bridges moving fine this morning across the san mateo bridge either direction although it is getting busy on westbound and eastbound 92. bart might be a good option. everything is on time. drive times for you, more popular routes this time. morning, westbound 80 down the eastshore freeway slugish through berkeley. and the altamont pass ride westbound 580 slow and go towards livermore. all right. that is traffic. for your weather, here's lawrence. >> yes. sad story guys. we have a dying cold front slipping through the bay area. that means not much rain left behind but we are seeing drizzle and light sprinkles heading out so the roads are slick. be careful this morning. skies should part toward the afternoon. we'll begin to dry out. temperatures are going to stay very mild into thursday and friday. dry through the weekend. maybe some showers on tuesday and by the wa


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